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Who I am

meI was born and raised in Mexico City, immersed in the unique art, traditions, and folklore of my homeland. Since I moved to Israel in 2000, the diverse cultures of the region have influenced and enriched my work. With a degree in Advertising Design, I combine visual arts and marketing to create compelling designs. With more than 30 years of freelance experience, I have collaborated with advertising companies, cultural institutions and the media, always looking for new techniques and being up to date.

Throughout my professional life, I have continually sought opportunities for growth and development. I have expanded my knowledge by taking various courses, honing my creation and development skills. My passion for visual expression led me to explore the world of photography, allowing me to combine my existing experience with the inherent beauty of the medium. This fusion of skills has enhanced my work and enriched my overall experience. Every project I undertake presents a new opportunity to explore innovative design techniques and keep up with the latest advances in visual impact.

My goal is, to ensure client satisfaction by involving them in the design process from start to finish.

“The only IMPORTANT THING about DESIGN is how it relates to PEOPLE.”  Victor Papanek

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