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Nowadays, when the digital age is rapidly advancing, being active on the internet has become a fundamental point to make yourself known and attract more clients. Social networks have become one of the most powerful means to be present in people's minds. Every company has its own Website and / or a profile in one of these being activeSocial networks (Facebook, Instagram,etc). Do you already have yours?


Technology in tactical equipment


Michal Ozeri

Graphic Designer



Minicooper car rental



The Israeli Association of Researchers
of Latin American Judaism


La Mexicana-Taco Maxim

Mexican Restaurant in Haifa



Israeli Commission for the Jewish
Disappearances in Argentina

They Talk

Michal Ozeri created my internet website doing an excellent job. With this, she contributed to the increase in the number of patients in my Dental Clinic. Thank you! She has been of great help in this Pandemic period!
Mijal is a pleasure to work with. She designed our website AMILAT (amilat.omline) and we were very happy and impressed with the results. She has a good eye for color combinations and design. Her commendable work ethic is only one of her many qualities. I highly recommend her for any design project.
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