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meNací en  in Mexico City, where I grew up surrounded by the unique art, traditions and colorful folklore that characterize my homeland. I reside in Israel since 2000 where the diversity in cultures of this area has built and developed an original and enriched vision in my work. This is reflected in the shapes and forms in which I express my creativity. To further develop my experience and enrich myself more in the arts and communication, I decide to study advertising design. Combining visual arts and marketing. Create to dissuade

Mi formación académica. . I achieved my degree in Advertising Design. I have concluded different courses on Website building. Creation and development has increased gradually and constantly. My personal interests in visual expression lead me to studying photography, this activity made me appreciate and being able to combine the advantages of previous knowledge with natural beauty and gives me more work experience.

Throughout the 30 years of work experience in my professional field, I have worked with advertising companies, social and cultural institutions and massive media publications; always providing services as a freelance. Each and every job has allowed me to focus on new and innovated techniques in design. Editorial design constantly faces me with new personal and professional challenges in search of the ultimate up to date advances in visual impact. I complete every project always keeping my goal in the total satisfaction of my clients whose involvement in the design process from beginning to end is as important as the final outcome.

Lo único IMPORTANTE sobre el DISEÑO
Es como se relaciona con las PERSONAS.”
  Victor Papanek

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