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For the past 5 years I have enjoyed the excellent graphic and design services of Michal Ozeri. Michal is the graphic designer of the magazine "Al-Hatzafon", and as part of her work she designs for the newspaper content pages and ads for several years. Michal is a talented and creative graphic designer with a vision, creativity and imagination that can transform even the most dull texts into fascinating magazine articles. She is a valuable asset to the magazine; A highly skilled, experienced and professional graphic artist. For every problem or design challenge she can offer a creative, innovative and, most importantly, applicable solution. She performs her work with exceptional dedication: always available for any consultation or question. She does all this with a smile, heartfeltness and endless patience, and since we had set out together, it has been a pleasure to work alongside her. I hope to continue to work with her for many years to come and enjoy her talent, professionalism and wonderful personality.
Kalanit Wasser Ochayon
Cheif Editor of "Al-Hazafon" Newspaper
Michal worked with me at the Schocken network from 2008 to 2013 In the capacity of graphic designer, Michal was responsible for designing newspapers, special supplements, magazines and front covers. She is pleasant to work with and is full of original ideas. Michal is a very significant person within this organization, she is responsible, understands priorities and is very talented with excellent interpersonal skills.
Yafit Barkan
The Former Senior Designer
Hair Group (2013)
Michal is a designer that knows how to think in a unique and creative way. She is imaginative, precise and able to turn an idea into an unique and impressive graphic design concept.
Vili Vilk
General Director of iInsurance
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