Michal Ozeri

Print | Digital | Editorial & UI/UX DESING​



2021- 2023

Kol Hair, Jerusalem Newspaper

Jerusalem Weekly Newspapers From  Reshet Hair, Israel
Editor in Chief of Kol Hair Newspaper
Design and formation of the entire newspaper including advertisements when necessary, photo handling, transfer to print and banner´s design.

2000 - 2021

"Ha-ir Newspaper"

Regionals Weekly Newspapers From  Haaretz  Group, Israel
Editor in Chief of Ha-ir Newspapers
Editorial Design of Newpapers, Magazins and special proyects in the Group.

2006 - 2023

"Al-Hazafon" Newspaper

Upper Galilea Regional Council, Israel
Graphic Editor
Completly design of the Editorial pages, and sometimes also ads,
Photo handling and transfer to print


The Ashkenazi Community Center

Mexico City
Graphic Editor at the Distribution and Press Department
Design of  magazine “Tu Mundo” Management and supervision of production and printing Project management began from the crystallization of the idea through data collection Determining required measures, capabilities in creating the project Logo design for companies and advertising banners.


SCS Marketing Asesores

Adverticing Agency, Mexico City
Adverticing Designer
Design of graphics and advertising Material, Logo design for companies and advertising banners. Project management began from the crystallization of the idea through data collection Determining required measures, capabilities in creating the project.


Image Center Museum

Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City
Graphic Support
Social Service



Since I finished my studies I have worked successfully as a freelancer, with clients in Israel and abroad.
My extensive experience covers logos, corporate identity (branding), system design (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books, etc.), printed materials (posters, brochures, catalogs, albums, etc.), invitations, web pages, landing pages, social media posts and other related design solutions. I showed versatility and creativity in every job, providing high quality designs, always above the client’s expectations.

About Me

Bachelor in Advertising Design (in Mexico), with extensive experience in the graphic design industry. My professional qualities include responsibility, perfectionism, speed and creativity with a high aesthetic sense.

With excellent time management skills, self-taught and a quick learner, I work exceptionally well both independently and as a team member. I pride myself on being a persistent and resilient person, who is always looking for new challenges and approaching them with a positive attitude, looking for something different from ordinary. Always with a sense of humor and dedication to work that remain unwavering, allowing me to succeed even in high-pressure environments.

With extensive experience in Editorial Design (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.), Branding, print and digital media (websites, landing pages, banners and publications on social networks).

Since finishing my studies I have worked successfully as an employee, as well as freelance, serving clients from various industries in Israel and abroad. I have demonstrated versatility and creativity in all my work, consistently delivering high-quality designs to exceed client expectations.



UI&UX Design, Mentor - Israel


After Efects (basic), Mexico City


Html and Css Course, Mexico City


Web Design Course, Tel Aviv, Israel


Congress for Leadership, Chile


Digital Graphic Design Course , Mexico City


Photography Course, Mexico City


Bachelor's Degree in Adverticing Design, Mexico City


InDesign 95%
Photoshop 80%
Illustrator 80%
WordPress 75%
Elementor 75%
Figma 65%
After Efects 40%
Ofiice 70%


קצת עלי

תואר ראשון בעיצוב פרסום (במקסיקו), בעל ניסיון רב בתעשיית העיצוב הגרפי. התכונות המקצועיות שלי כוללות אחריות, פרפקציוניזם, מהירות ויצירתיות עם חוש אסתטי גבוה.

עם כישורי ניהול זמן מצוינים, אוטודידקט ולומד מהיר, הוא עובד בצורה יוצאת דופן הן באופן עצמאי והן בצוות. אני מתגאה בהיותי אדם מתמיד ועמיד, שתמיד מחפש אתגרים חדשים וניגש אליהם בגישה חיובית, מחפש משהו שונה מהרגיל. תמיד עם חוש הומור ומסירות לעבודה שנותרה בלתי מעורערת, מה שמאפשר לי להצליח גם בסביבות בלחץ גבוה.

בעל ניסיון רב בעיצוב עריכה (מגזינים, עיתונים, ניוזלטרים ועוד), מיתוג, מדיה מודפסת ודיגיטלית (אתרי אינטרנט, דפי נחיתה, באנרים ופרסומים ברשתות חברתיות).

מאז סיום לימודיי עבדתי בהצלחה כשכירה, כמו גם עצמאית, בשירות לקוחות מתעשיות שונות בארץ ובחו”ל. הפגנתי צדדיות ויצירתיות בכל עבודתי, תוך אספקת עיצובים באיכות גבוהה כדי לעלות על ציפיות הלקוח.

Chief Editor of BaBait, Newspaper

Chief Editor of Press and Difusion Department of Ashkenazi Comunity

Chief Editor of Al-Hazafon Newspaper

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