Michal Ozeri

Branding, Print, Web, & Editorial Design



2021- 2023

Kol Hair, Jerusalem Newspaper

Jerusalem Weekly Newspapers From  Reshet Hair, Israel
Editor in Chief of Kol Hair Newspaper
Design and formation of the entire newspaper including advertisements when necessary, photo handling, transfer to print and banner´s design.

2000 - 2021

"Ha-ir Newspaper"

Regionals Weekly Newspapers From  Haaretz  Group, Israel
Editor in Chief of Ha-ir Newspapers
Editorial Design of Newpapers, Magazins and special proyects in the Group.

2006 - 2023

"Al-Hazafon" Newspaper

Upper Galilea Regional Council, Israel
Graphic Editor
Completly design of the Editorial pages, and sometimes also ads,
Photo handling and transfer to print


The Ashkenazi Community Center

Mexico City
Graphic Editor at the Distribution and Press Department
Design of  magazine “Tu Mundo” Management and supervision of production and printing Project management began from the crystallization of the idea through data collection Determining required measures, capabilities in creating the project Logo design for companies and advertising banners.


SCS Marketing Asesores

Adverticing Agency, Mexico City
Adverticing Designer
Design of graphics and advertising Material, Logo design for companies and advertising banners. Project management began from the crystallization of the idea through data collection Determining required measures, capabilities in creating the project.


Image Center Museum

Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City
Graphic Support
Social Service



Since I finished my degree I have been doing freelance work in all kinds of fields and with all kinds of private clients in Israel and abroad. Editorial design, advertising, social media and websites. Accompanying the client from start to finish.

About Me

I was born in Mexico City, where I grew up surrounded by the unique art, traditions and colorful folklore that characterizes my homeland. I have lived in the Middle East since 2000 where the diversity in cultures of this area has developed an original and enriched vision in my work. This is reflected in the shapes
and forms in which I express my creativity.



Bachelor's Degree in Adverticing Design, Mexico City


Photography Course, Mexico City


Digital Graphic Design Course , Mexico City


Congress for Leadership, Chile


Web Design Course, Tel Aviv, Israel


Html and Css Course, Mexico City


Adobe XD 35%
WordPress 65%
Elementor 70%
Ofiice 80%
Illustrator 70%
Photoshop 80%
InDesign 95%


קצת עלי

שמי מיכל, ואני מעצבת כבר יותר מ-20 שנה. נולדתי במקסיקו ועשיתי עלייה בשנת 2000, מאז אני עובדת כשכירה רוב הזמן ובמקביל כפריילאנס. יש לי הרבה ניסיון בעיצוב מערכת (מגזינים, עיתונים, עלונים, ניוזלטר ועוד), עבודות פרינט ומיתוג. עיצוב אתרים זה התשוקה החדשה שלי. יש לי כבר כמה אתרים שבניתי, ובכל פעם אני לומדת עוד ואוהבת לעשות את זה יותר.
אני בן אדם חברותי ושמח, שנעים לעבוד איתו, לומדת מהר והרבה פעמים בצורה אוטודידקטית, מדוייקת שצריך ומבולגנת כשלא. הכי חשוב לי שהלקוחות יהיו מרוצים מעבודתי. יש לי את היכולת להבין מה הלקוח רוצה לשדר אחרי שאני מדברת איתו והוא מספר לי מה המטרות שלו. טוב…. סיפרתי מספיק בואו נשאיר משהו לפגישתנו 

Chief Editor of Arim Newspaper

Chief Editor of Press and Difusion Department of Ashkenazi Comunity

Chief Editor of Al-Hazafon Newspaper

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